Uninstalling the old DeepDyve Plugin

If you've been using the DeepDyve Plugin prior to Fall 2015 to make access to DeepDyve articles easier, you're in luck:   the new DeepDyve plugin makes finding articles on DeepDyve that much more so.  

We recommend uninstalling the old DeepDyve Plugin before installing the new version.

How to uninstall depends upon your browser:

  • Chrome 
    • In the Chrome Window Menu, click on Extensions, then click on the trash icon to remove.
  • FireFox
    • From the Add-Ons Manager (Tools Menu, then click on Add-Ons) click on the "Remove" button for the DeepDyve Extension entry.
  • Internet Explorer
    • Go to "Add/Remove Programs" from the Control Panel, and uninstall the DeepDyve Plugin.

You can download and install the new plugin here - http://www.deepdyve.com/plugin

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